5 Things That You Should Check When Hiring Gurkha Guard Services


Before you start your quest to find the best security guard business in Johor Bahru, you should know the basics so that it is easy to find the right company. A lot of companies are in your region but here’s how you can check if they are your right fit.

Years of Experience

An important aspect that will help determine if they are reliable. The best Gurkha guard in Kuala Lumpur will come from these service providers who have spent years in serving customers throughout the country. Check if the company was established newly or have many years of experience. Their expertise can always be determined by the years that they have spent with the job. New ones are good if they have good history and customer feedback.

Training Procedure

The training procedure for Gurkha guard services should be really professional. In most companies, they hire ex-military personnel and policemen to train their professionals. It should be really extensive and reliable which ensures the efficiency of the guards. You may also find pictures of the company’s trained guards and the system in their official website. Check them when you have the time.

Background Verification

Reliability level of a guard can be found only based on the background verification done. A reputed company will always spend enough resources in exploring the history of person before hiring them. Background verification is quite important for guards because they should be reliable in critical situations and shouldn’t have any criminal history.

Customer Reviews

An easy and quick way to know if the company is good or not is to go with the customer reviews and ratings. You can find many third party websites where customers go to drop in their views about the service quality. If majority of them is good, you can assume that it is a reliable source to go with. Also, check if there are any negative ones and you could question these when talking to the company representative.

Surveillance and Support

Trained guards should be able to do the job on their own, including fixing their own surveillance procedure. You should also have the freedom to train them based on your job location such as shopping mall or supermarket that requires a different surveillance method. Check if the company provides support throughout the service period and will ably help you out in case of any woes. Once you are happy with all these factors, you can comfortably commit with them and get the best security.

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