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Board of Directors

A retired Senior Assistant Commission 1 (SAC1) who served Royal Malaysian Police for 36 years. He has extensive experience in Internal Security matters. During his service he has served in the Special Branch, GD Management and Command Appointments. He retired as Director of Logistic at Bukit Aman.

HJ. AHSAN BIN ALI (Director)

A retired Senior Executive Officer from the Minister of Home Affairs (KDN). He served in various capacities in the Home Ministry at Managerial level. During his career he also had the opportunity of serving in Overseas (UAE) mission representing Malaysian. He retired from the Home Ministry after serving for 32 years.


He is a very experienced security person who has been in the security industry since 1998. He is also graduate of University of New Castle with a Bachelor of Science In Security Management in 2005 and has obtained Master of Science In Security Management from New Castle in 2007.He also obtained Bachelor Jurisprudence of university Malaya in 2009 .