Communal Security and Dwelling Safety in Malaysia

Communal Security and Dwelling Safety in Malaysia

The Malaysian community today is fast becoming a rather “gated” and “guarded” society as far as dwelling and living is concerned.

With the increasing number of close knitted development in urban Malaysia, we have managed to confine our living spaces in a more secure fashion with gates, grills and guards.

Today, most regional communities have represented their interest in safe and secure living with formation of more and more Joint Management Bodies and Resident Committees.

Housing developers have embraced a culture of providing ultimate privacy of access and security within our living spaces to the maximum.

The government’s effort in addressing the issue for a better need for secure living is also something which Malaysians should applaud.

However, the entire communal security aspect of the Malaysian society is still somewhat revolves around the question of quality of services provided by the security service provider industry in the country.

Security companies throughout the nation are still struggling to come to terms with the manpower restrictions and their operation execution.

With the government strictly relying on the Nepalese manpower to cater for the high demand of the industry, it is yet prove that this resolution has been an effective solution in any delivery of quality service to the community in need.

Some still claim that the standard of quality rendered somehow varies drastically depending on the level of investment made by security companies in securing their Nepalese quota which eventually leads to the high discrepancies in hourly rate and charges.

As some high end consumers being JMBs and RCs are willing to absorb such high rates for services, many intermediate communal setups are struggling to address this dilemma for it requires a choice between quality and capacity to pay.

The element of critical Nepalese manpower has only made the situation worst as more and more companies are being issued with large number of foreigner quotas and that makes some unwanted room for compromise in quality of service rendered.

There are only a few well established security companies in Malaysia who have a strong believe in catering the best in terms of the standard of their manpower and operation.

With such conditional stature of the industry and the demands that it face, the best solution might lie with consumers after all.

If JMBs and RCs are prudent in their quest to receive the best that money could buy, they have to be specific with requirements.

Besides internal supervision, the communal representatives should engage performance monitoring tools and operation audit mechanism to ensure good return for investment and lots of night with peaceful sleep.

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  1. More Malaysian now prefer to live in gated community because of increasing security problem


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