Different Types of Security Guards and Choosing the Right One for You


For people who are planning to hire a security force in their venue, it is mandatory to know that there are different types of guards available. All these specialists are properly trained by industry professionals such as military men and ex-policemen. While they are efficient when it comes to preventing crime and providing complete guard to your premises, each one of them possess different set of skills. Hiring the right one is important if you wish to make sure your objective is met.

Here’s the most important types of security guards in the industry and their job responsibilities.

Corporate Guards – As the name suggests, corporate guards are the most widely known and often hired type of people in the business. They are the most versatile of them all and are often hired to protect banks, hospitals, shopping malls, offices and other types of commercial venues. These people will be equipped with the best weapons and communication tools available to make sure the venue is completely secure. Besides, their hiring costs is the highest of them all.

Residential Guards – When you are a celebrity, an important person or looking to provide security to your residence, home security guards in Johor are the most suitable choice. They are ideal to patrol and guard homes, apartments, residential complexes and other types of living spots. They make sure the people in the venue is secure and any incoming or outgoing individuals are duly monitored before being granted access.

Mobile Security – The advantage of hiring these people through security training services in Johor is that they are completely mobile and are often assigned a specific premises within which they continue to patrol for increased level of security. They use radio and other communication mediums to alert their fellow guards in case of an emergency.

Door Monitoring Personnel – The sole job of these people is to stand in the door and keep track of everyone with an authorized register notebook. They make sure monitoring is carried out properly and no trespassing occurs.

Static Guards – The static guards always stay in one place and usually their job is to check personal belongings among other items carried by visitors. These type of professionals are often hired to work in the entrance of malls, banks, supermarkets, airports and other places where constant checking is mandatory. There are also crowd control staff who help organize a crowd and they also help ensure order when there are too many people in one place at once.

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