Effective Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

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With crime rates shooting high, especially in cities, homes and even businesses are most vulnerable to unprecedented criminal intrusions. In addition to the professional security guards and advanced security tools, it has now become imperative to incorporate prevention features in the design of the residential or commercial building. In response to this, high-quality security professionals should familiarize with the essential principles of effective Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, and understand how they can relate their capabilities with urban planning and architectural design.

 CPTED is a much new concept in security planning, and top agencies provide security training to their guards to integrate their services with the changing architectural patterns to deter criminal activities. According to the concept, the physical environment of the residential or the commercial building can be used as a protection against vandalism and potential threats. The aim of CPTED is to make a legitimate use of the environment, while deterring criminal intrusions by employing special physical designs in the most cost-effective manner.

 There are several steps in which effective crime prevention can be facilitated with the help of environmental design. For businesses and home, natural surveillance is one of the most effective approaches that can be integrated with advanced security systems. Criminals deter possibly when there are chances of their activities being witnessed. If you can employ high level of visual control in your environment, incidents of crime reduce significantly. This can be achieved in the way of architectural design that eliminates areas of concealment and minimize visual obstacles. Open building designs can also ensure informal surveillance.

 Formal surveillance tools can also be employed like electronic monitoring, CCTV, static guards, and security patrols to ensure enhanced security. In addition to this, bright lighting also serves an integral CPTED tool, deterring criminal activities. Constant level of bright lighting with improved visibility should be maintained during night. It is also important to avoid shadows and dark spots as this gives a space for the criminals to conceal. More vulnerable areas should be illuminated brightly. The primary objective of lighting should be to deter criminal activity without spotlighting the home or business.

 Landscape design also plays an important role in CPTED. Trim the shrubs and bushes regularly since these are the best places for criminals to hide. Give a structured look with flower beds, decorative fencing, varied patterns in cement and ground cover that separates the zones and keeps everything visible. If substantial barriers are essential, evergreen hedges are the best choice to create string and restrictive obstacles. And trained and honest Gurkha guards are there to offer additional surveillance.

 With all these new design features incorporated into your building, it becomes easier to handle vandalism and prevent crime in residential and business premises by utilizing the environment structure. While this is most cost-effective as compared to security guard services in Malaysia, it is important to support CPTED with effective services from home and business guards who are keener in identifying and combating threats and potential crimes. A unique combination of CPTED and security guards can ensure utmost protection and safety of your residential or business premise, and important resources.

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