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Elite Bodyguard Service

At Visi L.A Security Force, our bodyguards are there to provide you peace of mind no matter if you are in your home or in a public place. You should feel secure in knowing that our bodyguards will provide elite protection and proactively prevent undesirable situations from even occurring.

A lot of known figures, celebrities, and other important people use our bodyguard services. These elite protectors are there to provide safety to you from almost all possible dangers. Our bodyguards have to go through lots of training, and they are well skilled with guns, hand to hand combat, and how to recognize and diffuse dangerous situations. They can fend off and disarm potential attackers. They are also skilled in first aid as well.

As we all know, the job of a bodyguard is to make you feel safe, no matter where you are. This can be in your home, your car, or in a public area. Personal Protectors at Visi L.A Security Force receive training to handle any situation that may come up. Whether it is simply managing rowdy fans or something more sinister, the use of our bodyguard services will serve to protect you.

Hiring experienced and skilled bodyguard services like ours should be considered a worthy, or even necessary, investment for corporate executives. Although crimes against property have slightly decreased in recent times, violent crimes against people are actually on the increase.
Everyday, crime news makes our daily headlines and most of the victims are unsuspecting individuals.

Since only the best can deliver above the rest, we at Visi L.A Security Force are confident that our well trained and experienced bodyguards will make a difference in protecting your valuable life.
Talk to our personal protection consultants to receive more information on our services as well as our track records in protecting the lives of people.

Whether it’s “Executive Protection”, “Personal Security” or “Specialists Protection”, at Visi L.A Security Force we have what it takes to serve and protect you.