Important Crime Prevention Services

With an increasing crime rates in recent years, you must have heard about the concept of crime prevention. As rightly the name suggests, it is the process of reducing the risks of being a victim. While this is defined on a broader perspective, with respect to your home or business premise, it is an important way of removing the opportunities that make your property and resources more vulnerable to criminal threats and vandalism.

It is the process of making your home or business unattractive or too attractive to the criminals, deterring them to target your property. This is often termed as target hardening, and includes complex process like installing advanced security systems or as simple as hiring professional security guards. With increasing demand for effective and reliable crime prevention solutions, more and more security agencies are emerging these days, offering specialized services and consultation, in addition to the well-trained security professionals and high-tech alert and vigilance systems.

There are several crime prevention programs offered by the top security guard services in Malaysia, helping to reduce occurrence of crime at homes and corporate premises. Discussed herewith are some of the most important services offered by these security agencies.

1. Well-trained and professional guards

This is one of the most effective methods of crime prevention. The top security agencies provide a host of well-trained, honest and strong mobile and static guards who ensure complete protection of your premise. These guards are efficiently trained to diagnose suspicious activities within the premise, and are well-off combating the potential threats. They have specialized risk assessment capabilities with counter actions to fight such risks. Moreover, if need be, there are armed guards who can provide enhanced security to the premise.

2. Safety presentations

For effective crime prevention, the security agencies make safety presentations to homeowners, business owners, employees, staff, and top management regarding important tips for crime prevention. These tips can help the people in protecting their home and business premise from potential crime. From time to time, certain training sessions and drills are also practiced in corporate houses to help in identifying the threats and taking counter measures to prevent such conditions.

3. Security audits

Professional security service companies also provide security audit and analysis. This helps in delivering recommendations and suggestions for deterring criminal intrusions in areas of high risks, in business premises and home. Often, honest and strong Gurkha guards are employed in high-risk areas, who are more capable of fighting difficult situations.

4. Self defense workshops

Security workshops are also arranged by top security agencies, helping the homeowners, employees and other staff to protect themselves from potential threats and vandalism.

5. Home and business safety week

Several crime prevention promoting strategies are introduced by the security firms, with special programs on diverse issues like property protection, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, security training, self-defense, and the like.

With these effective crime prevention services, it is expected to deter criminal activities to a large extent in homes and commercial premises. Professional security guards serve as backup support for such crime prevention strategies.

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