How an Individual Acquires a Security Guard License?


Before an individual can be certified as a security, they have to undergo a couple of steps that ensures their integrity. It involves verifying their background, their individual traits, attitude and their ability to handle critical situations with a professional approach. When you hire a reliable security guard in Malaysia, they come from a company that follows all the steps said below and more to ensure you are being assigned the right individual.

Physical Fitness

A home security guard in Johor should be physically fit and be capable of handling the training phase. Besides, the very purpose of hiring a guard is that they should be able to handle situations and notorious criminals single handedly before they are handed over to the police. It makes physical fitness a mandatory affair which is why anyone who applies for the job will be verified from a medical view point to make sure they are physically fit. It includes verifying their eye sight, their height and weight, strength and ability to be alert even at night times when most thefts and other criminal activities take place.

Background Verification

Another important phase that security guards in Selangor goes through is a detailed background verification process. They have to have a perfect background without any criminal records, child abuse or any sort of issues in the past. The individuals’ family background will also be verified to make sure they come from the right origin and doesn’t have terrorist or other illegal contacts. The companies which hire and train guards will also have complete details of their families in case something goes wrong while they are on duty. All these strenuous steps will be handled by the security guard company which saves you time, money and the hassles associated with such detailed verification.

Individual Training

While basic training will be shared with all the individuals, there are different types of licenses one could acquire. There are guards who are trained for supporting shopping malls, while there are others who are much cost efficient than others trained for home security. The guards will also be trained on handling electronic equipment, automatic drones and other surveillance related gadgets so that they can look into a critical situation before the police arrives. Besides, they are also completely trained to handle culprits, interrogate them if required and detain them until the right personnel arrive.

Hire reliable security guard in Malaysia and experience ultimate peace of mind.

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