Managing Outsourced Security Companies – Part 2

Managing Outsourced Security Companies – Part 2

Managing Outsourced Security Companies – Part 2

3. Supervision

Lastly, in order to have a truly successful security program (and make your job easier) it is crucial for you to address security guard supervision.  Remote supervision of the security force is a service provided by the contractor and is different from the overall guidance that you provide as the security manager.  Even in cases where the security department is large enough to have supervisors on each shift, additional systems for remote supervision should also be established.  If your facility does not have formal supervisors for each shift, these systems become even more important.

The two main methods that security contractors use to remotely supervise their guards are Field Supervisors and Guard Tour Tracking Systems. Field supervisors provide limited supervision of the day-to-day security operations for several of your contractor’s sites.  Field supervisors are tasked with conducting inspections of your contractor’s client sites, including your own. These inspections are performed randomly and per an established schedule.  The field supervisors will provide training for new security officers, perform inspections, as well as respond to and report any problems to your contractor.  Field supervisor inspections of your facility and guards should be documented and provided to you on a regular basis.

Tip: In many instances the quality of your service will correlate with the number of visits performed by field supervisors.

Guard tour tracking systems have become an essential tool for any company that provides security guards. The purpose of a guard tour system is to monitor the time and patrol activity of the guards while they are on duty.  Guard tour systems are designed to help ensure that your guards are making their rounds by giving you and your contractor the ability to generate reports that show you exactly when, where, and what your guards inspected while on patrol at your site.  Many of these systems have the benefit of allowing you to view your guards in real-time.  So at 2am in the morning, if so inclined, you can log into the guard tour tracking system to view your guard’s activity.

Although the majority of managing your contract security force should be performed by your security guard company, you can not abdicate the responsibility entirely.  Understanding and accepting the role that you play in managing your contact security force will make for a more successful security program.  By using the tools outlined above you will have a better understanding of the service your guards are performing and be able to help your provider meet your expectations.

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