The Roles and Duties Performed By a Security Guard


A security guard is the first point of defense for your home and office. They provide you the much needed peace of mind and help people who visit your venue a sense of security which in turn will increase productivity and in case of a shop, will boost sales. All these are achieved by the guards because they are assigned to a specific set of tasks which they perform on an everyday basis. Here are some of the important duties performed by the guards and the responsibilities that they take up, when you hire one from a reputed security guard company.

  • ┬áThe primary duty of the security personnel is to patrol the premises. Based on the size of your premises, is it your home or office, you should always hire the right number of guard so that they find it easy to cover the entire area. If it is small, you can always go for one who will patrol the premises during their shift and ensure no trespassing or encroachment occurs.
  • Verifying visitors and any other individuals in your property is another important role performed by them. In a household, you may have seldom have visitors but some random people might pop up at the gates. The guard will enquire their purpose of visit and in case they are simply loitering in the area, he has the power to ask them to leave so as to avoid unwanted issues.
  • In a business environment, the guard post will act as the filtering point to request identification from every visitor. Only those who are authorized to enter your company premises will be allowed to pass and anyone without any appointment will be duly be escorted outside which makes it a much secure place irrespective of the number of people who drop in every day.
  • Finding security guard services in Shah Alam is not difficult as many reputed companies operate in the area and will be able to assign the right people for you. The guard they assign will also take up the responsibility to periodically verify the safety of the building and sound the alarm in case of fire among other emergencies.
  • They help you screen visitors as well as all types of vehicles that enter and exit your business premises. Hiring the right guard would help you prevent accidents caused by leaked pipes, gas or pressure valves as it are part of their duty to verify them as well. Create a safer atmosphere for yourself and everyone around you.

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