Securing Your Personal Security

Securing Your Personal Security

It is hard to believe that body language is a main fundamental element as far as individual personal security is concerned.

Body language is 55% of communications.

That’s your walk, posture, facial expressions and eye contact. Awareness is being alert to your surroundings at all times. Intuition is when the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. Voice tone and pitch equal 35% of communications. The way a person communicates physically and verbally can determine whether or not a predator deems you a good target.

So, is there a proven way or even lifestyle approach which could determine the level of personal security we embrace?

There are some precautionary actions thou which might safeguard our life thou when comes to securing our much deserved personal security.

Firstly, in preventing abductions, whenever you are returning to a parked car, scan the area around your car, be alert to suspicious activity. Be aware of vans. Abductors and rapist open up the side doors and pull in their victims.

Secondly, what sounds like a myth more than fact, never use your keys as aweapon. Contrary to popular belief your keys are not a good weapon. Using your keys as a weapon can injure your hand, the keys can break, you lose your “key to safety”, and you lose access to your car and home which are safe havens.

Unless it’s a LARGE key, then it’s a good weapon.

In preventing home invasions, normally we tell our children not to talk to strangers, so why do we open the door to a total stranger? Home-invaders pose as delivery people, public workers, or people in distress. Install peepholes, talk through the door. Under no circumstances do you open the door unless you get phone numbers to call their superiors. If someone is in distress tell him or her you will call the police for them. Install security cameras and a home security system.

While in outdoors, safety on the streets matters.Keep one ringgit bills and change in an easily accessible pocket. Then if someone tries to rob you, you can throw the “chump change” several feet away. The robber will draw his attention to it giving you time to escape. Do not fight over material items.

Lastly, what to do if attacked? Fighting, running and screaming are all options. Remember, you are worth fighting for!

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