Security Is Key In Preventing The “Robbery” of Safety

Security Is Key In Preventing The “Robbery” of Safety

When the safety of our life is robbed, the only thing that could save life is the amount of security that we have invested in. Most often, when a robbery takes place, it might bring in a great deal of loss be it financial, economy or even life.

However, there are a few measures that when implemented will reduce the possibilities of robbery or burglary at home and business premises.

Have an Eye For the Use of CCTV Cameras

Thieves do not like being caught, and a CCTV Cameras increases the possibility of them being identified and caught. Therefore, the installation of CCTV can serve as a deterrent. But as with any technology to be effective they need to be operated professionally or they could end up producing the opposite effects.
Its Best To Remove Any Visibility Obstructions

Blinds or tinted windows that can easily conceal a robbery or burglary activities within a residential or business premise are not advisable. Owners and dwellers need to ensure that those items that could serve as a barrier and inadvertently aid the crime are not placed in their premise.

Always Reduce Cash and Remove the Incentive

Robberies and burglaries are mainly planned in advance. In many instances the culprits conduct a few days of recon on the area they want to strike checking out the reward and the security measures. Therefore to reduce incentive for an incident of robbery or burglary in a structural environment, potential victims need to embrace some preventive measures.

For businesses, shop floor cash pick-up activities need to be conducted discreetly so as not to attract excessive public attention. All cash should be transported from the shop floor to the cash office using cash drop boxes.
Also, its crucial to impose cash floor limits on cash registers as well as cash office. Regular collections must be rotated to ensure they remain random.

Robbery and burglary are crimes of opportunity, remove the opportunity and you reduce the possibility. The human costs can be devastating for those caught up in an incident of robbery therefore it is imperative that retail organizations do everything within their power to ensure that their stores are difficult to rob or burgle.

When safety matters, security counts.

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