Security Management in Securing Safety (Part 1)

Security Management in Securing Safety (Part 1)

Virtually all commercial buildings of any size need some sort of security measures implemented to protect corporate assets and to reduce the liability for incidents. Routine security services touch on all areas of a mid- to large-size commercial or corporate-owned property.

Typically, the facilities management department may perform some of the functions and manage those aspects that are contracted out. The mix of in-house and outsourced services varies based on the specific needs of each company, whether joint management bodies are involved, and whether specific work is being performed. Routine tasks are often outsourced.

So what are the security services typically provided by an average security service provider company?

Admittance Monitoring and Control

Routine admittance monitoring entails controlling admittance at the perimeter of the building through a combination of security guards, concierge services, or electronics such as the installation of electronic card access systems. The number of security guards needed depends on the design and size of the facility and the area crime rate.

Visitor Processing

As part of the admittance control process, customers want the perimeter guard or concierge to call their offices upon the arrival of guests. In secure areas, visitors are issued badges and/or escorted to customers’ offices.

Alarm Response

An alarm response service is the local process for monitoring and responding to alarms in the building and taking action when the response dictates. Depending on security hardware installed at the site, it may involve monitoring CCTV systems. This task may be quite specialized in some companies.

Monitoring Parking

If the property has a parking lot or garage, security may involve routine periodic checks or patrols of the parking area, assisting customers with directions, and providing jump starts for their vehicles. These guards also notify the police to respond to events taking place in these parking areas.

Documentation of Conditions and Incidents

The security service observes and documents site conditions. Routine documentation includes reporting the presence of hazards, making written reports of security-related incidents such as theft or damage and notifying facility operations personnel of the incident. The facility manager and the property manager should establish a policy to identify who will be authorized to sign a criminal complaint against persons who have committed crimes that damage the property or cause loss of assets. Consultation with the owner’s legal advisories should be made during the policy formulation process.

Part two of this article will covers more and similar aspect of the services provided by top notch security companies in Malaysia.


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