Security Tips for your Office and Business Center


A major share of the population spend a significant amount of their lifetime in their offices and business venues. It is a mandatory affair because people only have two days to spend their weekends at home whereas it is compulsory to spend at least eighty hours every week in office. So, is it not mandatory to keep yourself, your belongings and the venue safe at all times? Here’s how you can do it.

1.    Surveillance always helps – With the best gurkha guard in Shah Alam, it is not really tough to organize a surveillance routine. You can assign them to closely monitor the premises as well as the surrounding regions. Most threats come from the isolated areas. So, guide them to check the back of the building and terrace at regular intervals to avoid any intruders from gaining access. It also helps in indirectly threatening criminals to stay away.

2.    Right tools and equipment – A reliable Nepal guard can work efficiently only when they are equipped with the right tools. Unless and until they can easily communicate as well as co-ordinate their moves, it is not possible to provide security. Provide their surveillance cameras for easy monitoring as well as radios so that the team could stay in touch at all times to prevent crime or theft from taking place.

3.    Instruct Employees – If you are the owner of a business or in a responsible position, you should instruct your employees to stay safe. They should inform people sitting next to them when they leave their desk. Ask them to never take company’s digital data and devices out of the premises. They are prone to get attacked if someone is after them. Preventing the chances of a crime’s occurrence is a great way to ensure the safety of the person and the company.

4.    Double security at night – Night shifts are becoming increasingly common and if it is mandatory, make sure that no one is working alone. Increase security guards and surveillance materials at night. Instruct employees to not leave the premises at the time and also avoid roaming too much so it is easy to provide security.

5.    Clean desk policy – While a guard who have undergone security training in Klang might be able to safeguard the premises, employees should do their own part by keeping their desk clean. It helps them and their peer group to avoid any illegal activities from taking place. 


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