Steps to Safeguard your Residence from Intruders


Be it in the heart of a metropolitan city or a suburban region, threat lurks around the corner in every location and it is important that you safeguard your entry family from these intruders and trespassers. Any household is prone to such security problems but with the help of a security guard company, you can always minimize the risk and when there is a guard outside, most criminals would think twice before breaking into your house.

At the same time, it is also good if you have planned some important things in case of an intruder alert so as to secure your family. The security guard will take care of the job but until then you can plan other things and avoid any damage.

Be Alert

Most household members tend to be really loose when they are going on a vacation, have family time or during holiday season. But, this is also the time when you may have more cash on you that attracts criminals, robbers and intruders into your household. Always make sure you pay close attention to all the doors, windows and other entrances. Make sure the locks are firm when you leave your home. Never hide spare keys in the garage or under your door mat which are so conventional that they would instantly find them.

Keep Safe Routes Ready

The security guard services in Shah Alam will provide you a fully trained person who is more than capable of taking down the intruder but when he is busy nabbing the culprit, he may not be able to protect multiple people in the scene. So, whenever the intruder alarm goes off, you should have an escape route and safe spots to stay until the threat passes away. For the guard to efficiently do his duty, you have to co-operate and avoid any hostage situation. Use backup points and routes. Let all your family members know it so that they can get out immediately in case of an intrusion.

Add Surveillance Materials

While securities are extremely efficient, unless you are a celebrity or a rich person, you may not be able to assign one for every side of your residence. You may hire one or two, but for the rest of the places, add surveillance materials such as cameras, alarms and connect them to your smartphone or tablet. If they go off in case of an emergency, you can get notified instantly and plan your move.

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