Proactive Approach in Reducing Crime in Our Neighborhood

Proactive Approach in Reducing Crime in Our Neighborhood

With the reality of the crime rate index is still much subjected to debates, VISI L.A Security Force director, Mr Shanker Raj Ayanger has taken a proactive approach in addressing the issue by channeling it to the attention of our newly appointed IGP, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar recently.

VISI L.A. Force, Proactive Approach in Reducing Crime in Our Neighborhood

Mr Shanker Raj Ayanger with his delegation held a close door meeting with the IGP on July the 2nd at the Police Headquarters, Bukit Aman.

During this exclusive meeting with the IGP, a memorandum was sent in addressing the issue of increase in the crime rate as well proposals to counter and reducing crime rate situation through NKRA.

Among others, Mr Shanker Raj through the memorandum to the IGP proposed for a customized rehabilitation program for ex-convict and criminals through introduction of skill based modular in and off the prison walls.

In collaboration with the Kementerian Sumber Manusia, he has proposed that the Prison system to look into the possibility of reviewing its current rehab programs to cater for effective improvements.

The proposal also include a job placement scheme for the rather ‘lost’ and ‘out of direction’ ex-jailbirds.

One of the issues brought forward to the attention of the IGP is the lack of Indian representation at higher ranking portfolios within the PDRM.
Through an increase number of Indian high rank police personal, Mr Shanker Raj believes that it will serve the direction of PDRM right through high profile policing as a whole.

Monitoring of activities after release from incarceration was another agenda discussed in this hour long meeting with the IGP. Shanker Raj proposed that the released convict’s activities to be monitored continuously throughout to ensure any chance of recalcitrant behavior or acts are kept at bay.

He also urge the police chief to look into making a permanent placement of ‘crime mediators’ in school in order to closely monitor the students activities within and off the school compounds.

Finally the memorandum concludes with a proposal to have special unit task force mechanism to provide counseling to ex inmates as well co-effective planning of roles between entities namely the RELA, JPAM and also the SUKSIS (Kor Sukarelawan Polis Siswa Siswi) in adding strength in depth.

With the meeting giving a sense of relieved hope, we can only anticipate a positive reaction to this proactive memorandum sooner rather than later.

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