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What Makes Us Different

1.We Measure Our Standards
At Visi L.A Security Force Sdn Bhd, we believe in testing our own standards with constant monitoring and evaluation of our service delivery.

And we do it with performance monitoring tools such as Key Performance Indicators or KPI in assessing our delivery of quality service throughout our assignments nationwide.

We are the industry pioneer to embrace KPI environment in our service evaluation process.
And in adding value to our services to our selected customers, we welcome client participation in our KPI assessment in order to maximize input and minimize incompetency.

Our standards are always measured at the highest possible benchmarks.

2. We Help You Identify Your Needs

With a complete survey of your security setup and operational components, Visi L.A Security Force Sdn Bhd will enable you to reassess, upgrade and improve the security implementation at your locations.

Our team of audit and operation survey experts will determine and help you to identify the weaknesses in your setup and provide necessary recommendations with our complimentary post-commencement Site Security Survey Report and the pre-commencement Interim Security Survey Report.

We believe in providing our clients with a reality check on their security operation to further enhance the systematic elimination of risks and threat.

Our quality and timely reports often precede our reputation as your partner for protection.

VISI L.A SECURITY FORCE SDN. BHD. Provides industrial and commercial security services encompassing manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, financial, educational, construction sector and the like.

The range of service provided is:

• Static Guards and Guardettes
• Gurkha Guards
• Armed Guards
• K-9 Service
• VIP Escort
• Security Survey Service
• Private Investigations
Bodyguards Services
• Security System & Equipment
• Mobile Patrol
• Special Function Stewards
• Security Training
• Security Risks Assessment & Analysis
• CCTV Surveillance & Counter Measures
• Crisis Management
• Corporate Security

Security Accessories & Equipment

• Fully uniformed (as per Ministry of Internal Security request)
• Baton
• Torchlight
• Walkie-Talkie Sets
• Trunk Radio Sets
• Watchman Clock
• Personnel Vans
• Personnel Cars
• Motorcycles
• Bicycles

Security Services in Malaysia

Areas and localities we serve:

  • Security Services in Klang, Selangor
  • Security Services in Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Security Services in Puchong
  • Security Services in Kuala Lumpur
  • Security Services in Penag
  • Security Services in Kedah
  • Security Services in Johor
  • Security Services in Sarawak
  • Security Services in Sabah